While we are in the thick of winter, energy bills tend to soar with increased heating requirements. Orbis Tech Services, your trusted technology solutions provider in Nevada, offers a revolutionary service to not only keep you comfortable but also to significantly reduce your energy bills. Discover the power of the smart thermostats and energy monitoring through Alarm.com- designed to provide responsive energy savings, location-based automation, and personalized recommendations based on your activity patterns.

Responsive Energy Savings

One of the key features of Alarm.com is its ability to leverage real-time local weather data to optimize your temperature settings. This responsive energy-saving feature ensures that your heating system adapts to outdoor temperature spikes, helping you save on energy costs whenever possible. Orbis Tech Services puts the power of efficient heating in your hands.

Complete Control

Orbis Tech Services integrates Alarm.com into your environment, providing you with complete control over your lights and thermostats. Whether you’re at home or away, manage your energy settings effortlessly through the Alarm.com app or any computer. This level of control empowers you to make real-time adjustments, ensuring your space is comfortable when you need it and conserving energy when you don’t.

Smart Automation for Energy Efficiency

Through Alarm.com, Orbis Tech Services introduces smart automation that goes beyond basic temperature control. Create automated schedules for lights and temperature settings, enhancing energy efficiency. Set rules for your thermostat to automatically adjust when the system is armed away, or pause if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, limiting the circulation of fumes. Orbis Tech Services helps you take control of your energy consumption with intelligent automation.

Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring

Orbis Tech installations extend beyond your home with Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring (SBTM) from Alarm.com. This advanced system offers 24×7 monitoring and real-time equipment alerts, ensuring the temperature control needs of businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, and pharmacies are met efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Stay Informed, Stay in Control

With Orbis Tech Services and Alarm.com, you stay informed about your energy usage even when you’re away. Receive notifications if the thermostat setting is adjusted, or if the temperature in your property reaches extreme levels. Enable a local lock-out feature through Alarm.com to prevent unauthorized adjustments to the thermostat, giving you peace of mind and total control over your energy settings.

Embrace a Cozy and Cost-Efficient Winter with Orbis Tech Services

This winter, let Orbis Tech Services be your partner in reducing energy bills and enhancing comfort. With the power of the smart thermostats and energy monitoring through Alarm.com, Orbis Tech brings you a comprehensive solution that adapts to your lifestyle or business, prioritizes energy efficiency, and ensures optimal temperature control. Invest in this innovative service and experience a winter season where comfort and savings go hand in hand.

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