• 4G LTE
  • GPS for location tracking
  • Accelerometer for movement detection
  • Backup battery
  • Works with Alarm.com mobile app


  • Real-time car status
  • Driver safety alerts
  • Diagnostics and security alerts
  • Plug-and-play installation
  • Works with vehicles with an OBD-II port (standard on vehicles manufactured in 1996 or later). Hybrid and electric vehicles are not currently supported.

Connected Car

The following building automation and alerts can be created when Alarm.com Places is configured:

  • Trigger lights when the car’s Geo-Device leaves or enters a Geo-Fence.
  • Trigger thermostats when the car’s Geo-Device leaves or enters a Geo-Fence.
  • Pause video rules while the car’s Geo-Device is within a Geo-Fence.
  • Send alerts if the car’s Geo-Device leaves a Geo-Fence without closing the garage door, locking the front door, or arming the system.

Vehicle monitoring notifications

Connected Car allows users to monitor their vehicle’s location, diagnostics, and behavior. When users configure notifications, they can receive alerts about vehicle maintenance, unexpected movement, and more! Connected Car provides constant awareness and helpful insights, even when the car is parked with the engine off. When adding a new notification, there is a new section for Cars. For more information about creating notifications, see Create/configure a Connected Car notification.


Alarm.com’s Connected Car has a step-by-step guide on the Add Device Portal that walks the user through how to install the Car Connector. For more information about installation, see Car Connector (ADC-3035L) – Installation Guide.