Reduces Cabling Bulk & Congestion

Structured cabling standards help organizations install wiring in a way that prevents messy tangles by keeping the whole wiring infrastructure organized. This results in lower down times and less room for human error.

Easier to Manage Network

If something goes wrong in your network, it will be easy to check if there is a problem with the cable connections. If there is something wrong with the cables, structured cabling helps you quickly replace the cables that are causing an issue.

Supports Future Upgrades

With the constant advances in communications technology, it is important to have a system that is forward-adaptable. Structured cabling solutions enable just that, making updates easy to implement with minimal risk to the infrastructure.

Reduces overall install time

Moves, additions, and changes to the infrastructure can be implemented quickly without disorganized wires getting in the way. This decreases the odds of human error during repairs and changes, thus allowing for better use of funds and company time.

Testing & Trouble Shooting

After the cable has been installed we test every cable. We ensure that all cabling is performing to its designed specification.

Using the SignalTEK 10G we will measure the maximum bandwidth available of the network, identify bottlenecks and discover opportunities to increase bandwidth without replacing expensive data cabling.

Avoid network downtime
Troubleshoot Ethernet connectivity issues faster using diagnostic tools.

Pinpoint bottlenecks faster
Discover which part of your network is causing the bottleneck.

Validate network upgrades
Verify Multi-Gigabit switch upgrades to 1/2.5/5 and 10Gb/s speeds.