We are pleased to offer our solutions to all industries in our state. We are always learning and, looking to support in new ways as well. Just ask how we can help.

Servicing Nevada
Since 2013

Since day one we have always been willing to put the miles to get to our customers. Whether it’s driving down the street or across the state we can get it done.

Dental & Medical

Video and connected technology that helps you treat more patients with fewer resources while improving personal safety and reducing theft

Manufacturing & Distribution

Secure manufacturing and distribution facilities means safer environments and reduced operational risk


Systems to help with the security, and safety of our students no matter the age


Make your stores safer and more profitable, with integrated solutions that address loss prevention, store optimization, and safety & security


Orbis Tech Services solutions can be customized for industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paper, mining, food, agriculture, and automobiles

Bars & Restaurants

From Fine dining to quick-service restaurants, OTS’ systems protect guests and staff and help operations run smoothly

Religious Institutions

Faith-based institutions have seen an increase in malicious activity from trespassing, vandalism, and even armed attacks. Protecting sanctuaries starts with good access control and video surveillance to deter unwanted behavior.


Modernize your property with secure mobile access and smart amenities to attract and retain residents.

Healthcare & Wellness

Keep essential workers and facilities safe with enhanced physical and cyber security.

Vacation Rentals

Short-term Rentals

Managing bookings is easier than ever, ensuring guests have access when and where they should

Financial Services

Orbis Tech Services supports financial institutions in transformative times, improving safety and security, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction


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Hotels & Casinos

Orbis Tech Services provides technology that makes casinos safer and meets regulatory requirements, while analytics applications can turn surveillance equipment into business tools for optimizing efficiency, mitigating risk, and maximizing profit

Stadiums & Venues

Protect performers and spectators before, during, and after the event. Cost-effective, smart video and audio solutions for crowds of any size.


Realize the full potential of public or commercial parking with network technologies from OTS and our partners. Improve security, management, and profitability with smart solutions that add powerful new capabilities to your parking operation.

Our flexible and secure technology is easy to integrate and scales to match your growth

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