Beautifully balanced

Oscar and Grammy-winning producers, mixers, and artists fine-tune the sound experience. So you don’t just hear every detail. You feel the emotion.

Expertly tuned

Our proprietary Trueplay™ tuning technology adapts the sound to your unique surroundings for a listening experience that’s nothing short of luxurious.

How Sonos Works

Everything you need to start enjoying the brilliant sound.

Set up your speakers in no time and start playing music and more over WiFi. Enjoy full control of your system with the Sonos app and your voice.

Stream music, TV, and more

Enjoy it all on one system. Add streaming services to the app to play a relaxing Spotify playlist before bed or change the mood of your weekend with a new album on Apple Music. Connect your home theater products to your TV to hear every detail while catching up on shows or rewatching the classics.

Group speakers in different rooms

Connect two or more speakers together so they play in sync. Group the speakers in your bedroom and kitchen so that your morning playlist is already playing when you start making breakfast or connect the rest of your system to your home theater so that everyone can enjoy the big game even from another room.

Home Theater

A customizable sound system for all of your entertainment. Experience dramatically clear sound for shows, movies, and gaming. Plus, stream music, radio, podcasts, and more. Start with a soundbar and easily expand your system when you connect a subwoofer and rear surrounds over WiFi. Elevate your home theater experience. Bring movies, shows, and games off the screen with richly detailed, realistic sound from soundbars fine-tuned with the help of Oscar-winning sound engineers.

Integrate Sonos with


Play audio (e.g., music or playlists) from a list of Favorites*

Control audio playback (i.e., play/pause, adjust volume, mute/un-mute)

Play audio on all speakers or speaker groups* (e.g., Dining Room)


It is also possible to incorporate audio into Scenes to combine music, temperature control, and lighting to create the perfect ambiance.